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(TBT) “The Far End of Happy” by Kathryn Craft

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kathryn Craft is a new author with her first novel, The Art of Falling, published in only 2014. I have not had the chance to read The Art of Falling yet but after reading The Far End of Happy I cannot wait to pick up her first novel.

 At first, I felt unsure about the title, The Far End of Happy, but after reading through all the pages I could not think of a better way to label this unfortunate situation. Craft does a great job hooking the reader right away and keeping their attention throughout. She puts the reader in a fire hall with the main character, Ronnie, and her mother and step-mother while the police have Ronnie’s suicidal soon to be ex-husband, Jeff, surrounded at their family’s farm store.

The novel is broken up into hours rather than chapters. Through every hour the reader gets to know Ronnie on a more personal level and how much she has invested into her marriage. Craft has also included chapters from Ronnie’s mother’s and Jeff’s mother’s point-of-views which allows the reader to clearly understand the family’s dynamic more intimately and to feel the pain that each of the characters are feeling.

The Far End of Happy is beautifully written so that no characters are left out, including Jeff. Through flashbacks, Craft, allows the reader to get to know the man locked up in his office before alcoholism and depression took over. The novel is based on a real event that occurred in the authors life and she honored the man’s memory by allowing Ronnie to reminisce about the love that she had once shared with her husband.

Next time you are looking for an enticing book to read, check out Kathryn Craft’s, The Far End of Happy.


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