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(TBT) “Under a Silent Moon” by Elizabeth Haynes

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I found the novel, Under a Silent Moon, earlier this year at the Mendon Public Library’s bag sale. The synopsis intrigued me because it lets the reader know that they are getting two crime stories in one book. The author, Elizabeth Haynes, used to work as a police intelligence analyst so the reader knows right away that Haynes knows her stuff and that the story will be accurate. I decided to break down this review into what I considered to be the pros and cons.

Pros: The main character, Louisa (Lou) Smith, is easy to like and to relate to. At one point in the story, Lou, had a kit-kat for lunch. I found that to be a clever way for the author to make Lou more “real” and less like a fictional character. There are multiple relationships to keep track of throughout the novel but the reader should have no problem feeling the tension or connection in them all. Haynes did a very good job at giving every single character their own personality. Personally, I think the dynamic between Lou and the character, Andy, came across the strongest. With a lot of characters comes a lot of dialogue which is helpful for a reader. The crime facts are repeated so that one can easily follow the story and not forget anything. The ending was the best part of the novel in my opinion; it was quick and exciting. It did not seem like the author was anxiously trying to wrap up the story.

Cons: The novel has a slow start and is hard to get into because there are a lot of characters that need to be introduced and kept track of. Understandably, a crime investigation is a chaotic scene but it makes it a bit hard for the reader to follow at first. Lastly, the character, Jason, did not do it for me. I think Haynes meant for him to be sweet and harmless—which he was at first–but he quickly changed to kind of scummy. Even after all the events that occurred, I liked Andy more than Jason.

In the end, I really enjoyed Under a Silent Moon. Haynes did not skimp on any detail and really brought the chaos from behind the scenes during a police investigation to life.


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