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(TBT) “In Between” by Jenny B. Jones

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

In Between by Jenny B. Jones is a novel that I think is either loved by a reader or a disappointment to a reader. Unfortunately, the book was a disappointment for me. The story is about a young teenage girl, named Katie, who starts a new life with her new foster parents in a town called In Between. The largest conflict is that the renovation of the theater her foster parents own may not be done in time for the grand opening night. The author includes multiple other smaller conflicts throughout the story that detract the reader from the main one and makes it seem unimportant.

Some may enjoy the humor that Jones includes in the novel. The first couple comments were funny but they got old quick. Jones knows the moody and sarcastic mind of a young girl–I’ll give her that–but the constant remarks started to get annoying. I did enjoy the grandmothers humor though. I’m a sucker for the quirky old grandma or grandpa characters in any book.

My final thought on In Between is that it may be a good read for a young teenage girl. It is only the first book in a series so maybe it was meant to just give a lot of background and will dig deeper into the multiple conflicts in the following books. I don’t plan to read on and find out.


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