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(TBT) “No Fears, No Excuses” by Larry Smith

Goodreads Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reviewing No Fears, No Excuses is a little difficult for me because it took me months to read it. I’m not saying it’s not an informational, good quality book, but I definitely struggled to get through it. Luckily, no one was on the waiting list for it on the Monroe County Library System website, so I was able to re-download it after it expired multiple times.

The author, Larry Smith, is an economics professor who has provided career advice to many of his students at the University of Waterloo, and he recounts some of those conversations throughout this book. Everyone has a different reason or excuse for not pursuing their passion and Smith debunks each of them in his chapters. He offers great tips to the reader by using his students’ situations as examples. One thing he stresses is that one can not be settled into their job and feel safe or comfortable. A good employee is innovative and is always looking for ways to improve in their work. If someone truly is passionate about their job, they shouldn’t really have a problem innovating since they love what they are doing. Smith offers a section at the end of each chapter called, “Hard Questions, Honest Answers.” This part really adds to the book because it makes the reader stop and think of their own situation. If I owned the physical book, I would have been highlighting and taking notes in the margin. Smith makes a lot of good points that are worth looking back on.

If I had read this book a year ago (when I was still in college) it might have meant more to me. Smith has plenty of valid points for people in all stages of their careers, but I think it might be most beneficial to college students. That’s just my opinion.


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