My name is Grace Ventura. I started writing book reviews for the local library’s website when I was in college. I met with someone at the library and volunteered to do it. Eventually, we decided that I should move the book reviews onto their own blogging site so that I could have full control over them. I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 2017. Throughout my entire life, my favorite thing about school was writing papers but I have never told anyone that before. Writing papers isn’t exactly what the cool kids liked to do.

I am not creative graphically. I cannot draw or paint exceptionally well. My musical talent is well below average. As much as I try to be creative in those areas, my true talent shines through words. But, I have no interest in writing anything of my own. My superpower is that I am a cheerleader! I love to help others be the true heroes. I love to write blogs about topics I have never researched before, like telecom equipment, and send them off for someone else to put on their website or do what they want with it. I love seeing the challenge and the process of completing the piece and admiring the work I have done.

My truest passion, though, is proofreading and editing. In college, I would offer to edit my friends’ papers for content and grammatical errors because I enjoyed doing it. I have experience editing manuscripts, resumes, and social media posts.


Some fun facts about me:

  • I love the outdoors but not winter activities.
  • I married my husband when I was 21 (I’m 26 now).
  • I have lived in western New York for my entire life. I was born in Buffalo but currently live in Rochester.
  • I love to work out but now live by the motto #LiftToLive because I can easily let the gym become my life.
  • I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center at least once per week.
  • My favorite TV show is The Office.