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(TBT) “Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins

“Beckford is not a suicide spot. Beckford is a place to get rid of troublesome women,” (89). Keep that in mind while reading Paula Hawkins newest novel, Into the Water. Like her last novel, The Girl on the Train, the book is written from multiple people’s points of view, each with their own insight and clues as to who committed the crime. And like The Girl on the Train, the story is full of suspense and twists and turns that leave the reader guessing whodunnit up until the last sentence.

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(TBT) “The Zookeeper’s Wife” by Diane Ackerman

The Zookeeper’s Wife is one of Diane Ackerman’s many nonfiction books. This incredible true story is about a husband and wife, Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who hid Jews in their Warsaw zoo during WWII. The Zabinski’s story is one of a kind and I am surprised I hadn’t heard of it until now.

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(TBT) “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy

The Road, a novel by Cormac McCarthy, is a post-apocalyptic story about a man and his son who are walking to the coast with only a shopping cart carrying a few things. The story not only demonstrates a perception of what the end of world would look like, but also the deep bond that the father and son have.

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(TBT) “Out of the Easy” by Ruta Sepetys

Ruta Sepetys has written three books, all of which are young adult historical fiction. Although she writes in what may seem like a specific niche, Sepetys draws in readers of all ages and interests. I have read all three of her novels and loved each one equally. Out of the Easy is Sepetys second novel.