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(TBT) “Paper Towns” by John Green

While going through the notes I took while reading Paper Towns, I realized that only about 5-6 of the notes were positive. I guess I disliked this novel more than I thought. Paper Towns is John Green’s third book. The Fault in Our Stars is his fifth. I haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars but from what I’ve heard, I’m assuming it is much better than Paper Towns.

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(TBT) “No Fears, No Excuses” by Larry Smith

Reviewing No Fears, No Excuses is a little difficult for me because it took me months to read it. I’m not saying it’s not an informational, good quality book, but I definitely struggled to get through it. Luckily, no one was on the waiting list for it on the Monroe County Library System website, so I was able to re-download it after it expired multiple times.

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(TBT) “A Single Shot” by Matthew F. Jones

First, I need to thank whoever donated this novel to the Mendon Public Library so that I could discover it at the bag sale. I went into A Single Shot prepared for a sub-par story that I was reading just to waste time; but Jones’ story did not waste my time at all. I could not read this novel fast enough.