Social Media Management

Being active on various social media channels is a necessity for businesses in this day and age, especially when it’s your only want to connect with customers on the internet. Facebook is where potential customers decide if your business is reputable or not. What makes a company reputable is well-crafted copy, consistent posts, and great customer reviews. We understand how difficult it can be to stay up on social media and post new, fun content regularly when you also have to work in and run the company.

We offer a social media management service where we will create a minimum of 12 posts per month and post them for your company across multiple social media channels on a consistent basis. We also run digital campaigns to consistently bring your company new customers, create video content, write blogs, etc.

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Social Media Management




If you are not interested in social media management but still would like help with your social media we offer a consultation service. We will examine your social media channels and provide you with feedback. With this feedback, we will provide you a list of ways you can improve upon the content.

$50 for the review and a follow-up report.